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for all your worm needs – worms, castings and worm juice direct from our commercial worm farm

Worms, Worm Juice (worm wee, worm tea), Worm Castings

Welcome to the Worm Factory. We are Adelaide’s largest commercial worm farm and we are here to service all your worm needs.

We supply domestic and commercial quantities of the following;
  • Worm Juice (also known as worm wee, or worm tea)
  • Worm Castings
  • Worms for composting or bait
  • Complete worm farms with full instructions
Worm Juice $1.65 Ltr

Complete with worms and instructions $110

Worm Juice $1.65 Ltr

Complete with worms and instructions $90

Worms $29.50 for 1000 worms

Worms $29.50 for 1000 worms

Worm Juice $1.65 Ltr

Worm Juice $1.25 Ltr

Worm Juice, a by-product of worms is a liquid fertiliser
Worm Juice $1.65 Ltr

Worm Castings $25.00

A by-product of worms acts as a superfood boost to your garden.
Horse Manure, $65 a tonne

Horse Manure $65 a tonne

Delivered to you

Adelaide’s largest supplier of Worm Juice

(worm wee/worm tea)

Based in the North of Adelaide, we have Adelaide’s largest commercial worm farm with over 6 million worms busy recycling organic matter, aerating our soil and creating all manner of great by-products ideal for fertilising for our farms, trees and gardens.

Our Worm juice is highly concentrated and acts as a potent fertiliser that can be used on all edible or growing plants or grass and in any situation where the soil needs a natural boost.  Worm juice is full of beneficial bacteria, vitamins and lots of macro and micro nutrients to feed and enrich the soil and help stimulate all stages of root development. Because its naturally occurring and not created in lab our worm juice is easily and readily absorbed by plants.

As worm juice (worm wee) is ideal for use in natural and organic gardening and is particularly suited to hydroponics (growing plants by placing the roots in liquid nutrient solutions rather than soil). We supply numerous farms all over Adelaide and even some interstate. We can supply in both domestic and commercial quantities.  Besides farmers, we also supply many keen gardeners, community vegetable gardens, organic growers, hydroponic farms and those who just like to grow natural and great tasting food from their veggie patches.

Worm Juice in small or commercial quantities

Our worm juice is great value being one of the most cost-effective ways to fertilise the soil, it is all natural – no chemicals or nasties, just nature’s bounty as nature intended.

A little worm wee goes a long way, as we provide such a concentrated mix we recommend diluting it by using 1 part worm juice to 10 parts water.

What ever size you need we have you covered, you can select worm juice in the following sizes: 1 Litre | 5 litre | 20 litre | 25 litre | 1000 litre

worm juice

When supplying in 1000 litre drums you can simply drive your Ute or van to our farm in Davoren Park, North Adelaide and we can supply a container to load onto the van (call us for container costs) or fill your container in-situ for you.

Alternatively, if you live in Adelaide’s southern suburbs, or collection is not a viable option we are happy deliver any of our worm products to you.